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Covid safe information

  • Customers are required to bring and wear masks.
  • Visitors are requested to keep distance in lines and vehicles. And the number of visitors is limited to reduce crowds.
  • Please be ready to make on-site payments using a contactless bank card, rather than cash, where possible.
  • Organiser politely request that you refrain from visiting the attraction should you start displaying any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. Please contact Guest Services should you need to amend your booking.
  • All areas that visitors touch are frequently cleaned.
  • Employes may wear Personal Protective Equipment to protect both visitors and staff.
  • You must bring a valid COVID pass proving that you are fully vaccinated or that you have recovered from COVID-19

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Colosseum & Forum Romanum: Opastettu

4.5 (193)

Ohita Colosseumin jonot! Pääset myös vierailemaan Forum Romanumilla sekä Palatinus-kukkulalla tällä 2 tunnin mittaisella kierroksella- Kävele keisareiden ja gladiaattoreiden jalanjäljissä ja anna Colosseumin mahtipontisuuden hämmästyttää sinut!


- Ohita Colosseumin jonot
- Nauti 2 tunnin opastetusta kierroksesta
- Vieraile Palatinus-kukkulalla
- Kuule Forum Romanumista arkeologi-oppaalta

Mitä odottaa?

Meet your guide just steps from the Colosseum where you’ll want to take some pictures of the spectacular view before we descend to the entrance.

Enjoy fast track entry to the vast arena, the Icon of Rome once able to seat up to 50,000 spectators. Work on the Colosseum began in 72 AD and took 8 years to complete. Once inside, your guide will paint an accurate picture of the Gladiator games that took place in the Roman Empire’s most impressive arena, helping you to decipher between fact, fiction, and the images portrayed by big-screen Hollywood blockbusters.

After walking around the perimeter of the Colosseum, gaze down onto the arena floor and beneath to the maze-like underground level where man and beast awaited their moment of glory or met their fateful death.

Follow your guide outside the arena and travel even further back in time as you enter the Roman Forum, the true heart of Ancient Rome with monuments dating as far back as the 7th century BC. Learn of the legendary founding of Rome on the Palatine hill and how a she-wolf rescued and nursed the young twins Romulus (legendary first King of Rome) and Remus after they washed up on the banks of the Tiber River, and how these famous twins would pave the way for tyrants, Emperors, and Caesars who declared themselves Gods throughout the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

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Saat pian varauksen vahvistuttua sähköpostiisi e-lipun, jonka voit joko tulostaa mukaan tai näyttää puhelimestasi.

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Largo Gaetana Agnesi, 00184 Rome.

Tärkeää tietoa

- Turvallisuussyistä Colosseumille ja Forum Romanumille ei saa ottaa suuria laukkuja, kasseja, reppuja tai matkalaukkuja.

- Epätasaisten pintojen vuoksi tätä kierrosta ei suositella pyörätuolia käyttäville tai muuten rajoitetusti liikkuville vieraille.


Aikuinen (18+)
Lapsi (6-17)
Sylilapsi (0-5): ilmainen


Klo 09.00

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- Nouto hotellilta/kyyti hotellille

- Ruoka ja juomat

Alkaen 66,40 €

pe, 30 syy 2022

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Säästä aikaa – ohita jonot


Kesto: 2 tunti

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- Sisäänpääsy jonojen
- Asiantunteva arkeologi-opas
- Forum Romanumin kierros
- Kierros Colosseumin Areenalla
- Sisäänpääsy Palatinus-kukkulalle


COVID-19 Status:
Upon arrival at the meeting address, all members of your party over the age of 12 or older must present a “Health Pass” and a valid ID, proving that you are either:
- Fully vaccinated (with an EMA-approved vaccine - first and second dose), and the second dose administered at least 14 days before your visit
- You have been tested (PCR or antigen) with a negative result within the last 48 hours.
- Or that you have recovered from COVID-19, attested by a PCR or antigen test result, at least 15 days and no more than 6 months old


Colosseum & Forum Romanum: opastettu kierros

Largo Gaetana Agnesi 00184 Roma



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